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Flickering and crazy fan behavior SOLUTION


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So, I've seen this topic pop up a few times... some of them by myself.. I figured out how to fix this problem, so I figured I would offer the steps to take.


1. Go into icue and set the channel with the fans to static white.


2. Look at the fans and you should be able to see which ones have a color other than white. For me, fan 2 and fan 6 had red and green in them.


* what happens is that each subsequent fan, after and including the defective one, in the series will exhibit the odd behavior.. sort of like how one bad bulb in a strand of christmas lights ruins the whole thing.


3. Verify that this is the source of the issue by changing the fan sequence in the rgb hub. I put the 2nd fan last, and everything in the series worked besides the last fan. Then I put the 6th fan first, anticipating that all fans would exhibit the odd behavior, and they did.


Solution: replace two defective fans.


All this said, you really could probably just set the lighting to static white, identify the busted ones, and replace them without doing anything else.

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