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LS100 not working in Single Monitor Mode


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I have just received the Starter Kit. I put it up around my Monitor and connected everything that needed to be connected.


Everything worked fine. I played around with it for a while and it looked good, except since I apparently put the controller box on the wrong site of the monitor (behind the bottom left corner while looking at it from the front) so I wanted to turn it to "Counter Clockwise" so I can use Ambient Lighting properly when watching movies etc.


The moment I set it to Counter Clockwise it all turned off. And now it will only turn on when I put it into "Dual Monitor" setup for the Lighting Channel. I only have 4 Strips connected from the starter pack but now I can't use Ambilight for the Monitor I want. I do have 2 Monitors but I only want the lighting for one of them. When I force quit the ICUE software, the strips are lit up as usual. When I turn it on they turn off unless I put them to dual Monitor setup.


How can I make the 4 Strips I have only focus on the single Monitor I am using?

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