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Corsair Void Headset charging issue


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I have the Corsair Void wireless headset and i've had it for a couple months now, I haven't had any sound or mic issues with it but one thing that has been plaguing me is the cable that came with the headset doesn't charge it. If i plug it in the light doesnt flash at all and if i check with ICUE open it doesnt recognize that its charging either, i have tried this with multiple other cables that I tested on other devices to make sure they work ,and they do, but they don't work on the headset. However I do have a one foot long cable intended for a Vaporesso vape mod that does charge my headset, for whatever reason this cable and only this cable will charge my headset.


I have tried searching the forums and on google to see if anyone else has had an issue like this and have found nothing, I have tried resetting the headset and that didn't solve anything. So whenever the battery is low I have to turn it off and let it charge as the only cable that works is only 1 foot long and then use a spare wired headset I have until it fully charges.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any idea about whats going on or has experienced this issue.

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