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RM1000 Nightmare


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Going to make a post here as a last resort.



I purchased an RM1000W PSU a few year back, the coil whine was insane. So I RMA'd it, the replacement unit was even worse. I went ahead and (due to brand loyalty) purchased the same PSU from Newegg. The new unit had 0 coil whine issue.



A few years later the coil whine is back with a vengeance, I figured it might be my old build. So I built a new system, 3900x, 2080 SLI. The only reused component was the RM1000. The whine was still there so I started another RMA.


Received by RMA unit (clearly refurbished) on 4/23/20 and it whines just as bad.



Anytime I contact Corsair over email, it takes weeks to get a response. Anytime I contact Corsair over the phone, I get routed overseas to "customer support" that constantly transfers me.


The kicker is that an 8 year old cheap non-modular 850W Rosewill PSU I have lying around doesn't have any coil whine, but every RM 1000W I've owned does.



This is my final attempt to get some support before I end my relationship with Corsair entirely.

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