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Difference between Lighting Node Pro, Commander Pro, Fan Hub, etc


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I would like to upgrade my computer in a new beautiful case with some colors.

The problems is that all components needed for a nice RGB network confuse me a lot.


Here is the product I will buy :

- Crystal Series 680X RGB | x1

- Hydro 100i RGB Platinum

- LL120 RGB 120mm x3


If I understand well, I will have

- x6 LL120 RGB 120mm (x3 from the case, x3 from the pack)

- x2 Lighting Node Pro (x1 from the case, x1 from the pack)

- x2 Fan Hub (x1 from the case, x1 from the pack)


I will then need to buy a Commander Pro to link everything.


Here are the questions :


If I understand well, the Commander Pro is required to control Fans with ICue.

I have 6 Fans and the Commander Pro have 6 fans slot, but what about the fans on the radiator of the AIO water cooling ?


On the Crystal Series 680X RGB product page, there is no informations about a "Fan Hub", is it included ? (Same for the LL120 RGB 120mm x3 package).


On the product page of the Lighting Node Pro, it looks like that there are 4 LED Strip. Do they come with the Lighting Node Pro included in the Crystal Series 680X RGB case ?


Thanks in advance

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I'll tackle one part of your question with what I know for sure, but someone else will have to help you out further:


The AIO has it's own fan controller that you should use for the radiator fans. This controller can function with custom fan profiles even when iCue is nor running so long as you use the liquid temperature as a reference.


You can connect the RGB wires from the AIO fans to the CoPro if you wish via an RGB hub or let the AIO control the RGB.

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