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H100i Issues in New Build


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Hi. I have spent the last 2 days scouring this forum and the web attempting to figure out why my H100i isn't working as intended. All components in build are brand new out box from case to the finishing touches.


System loads.

iCUE sees: fans, memory, and psu




1. Fans on radiator work and run at full speed (always)

2. Lights on "core" (pump head that attaches to CPU & has USB) do *not* work

3. Pump does *not* work (allegedly - as at idle CPU pushes into low 70c)


Steps taken to date:

1. Different SATA power cable, direct off the PSU

2. Tried every USB2.0 plug on the mobo

3. Tried recommended plug into i/o to test connection

4. Rebooted, power cycled, etc.

5. Uninstalled, reinstalled iCUE software

6. Used device manager to no avail (no unrecognized devices)

7. USBDeView (doesn't see it)

8. Disabled Windows Fast Startup


I am at a loss. At this point, would the next logical step be to request RMA?

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Which "H100i" is this? There are currently 3 (Pro, XT, Platinum) and even more older models.


If the fans are running full tilt, the power is getting there. Power delivery is not selective, so if the fans run, but the lighting is out and the pump isn't moving fluid, it seems like it has had a critical failure or was doomed from the start. It also does not appear to the OS, which fits with a dead device on the end. Individually, each of these symptoms can have other causes or remedies, but all together it spells internal power failure. I would get on the RMA or a replacement with the vendor. It isn't going to be usable in this state.

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