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Corsair T3 Rush - how to remove the (factory) hinge cover


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I just acquired a T3 rush chair which I really like. There is one small issue though: there is an annoying noise coming from the hinge on the right, below the lever every time I move.

I guess that's a screw protection that is loose (after 1 day of use though).


You can hear it on this video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pOy-kH8s4FqXa7ZKzgKCsTIb8AWzvkcl/view?usp=sharing


So I removed the hinge cover provided but there is another plastic cover under it already set at the factory, which I'd like to remove to take a look at it and maybe remove the noisy thing or glue it. But I am afraid I'll just break the plastic.


Any advice on how to do it?


Thanks in advance!

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