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Corsair Lighting Strip not Syncing


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Hey everyone,


Here is a weird one. First of all, I am using the latest version of iCUE with a lighting keyboard, mouse, and Corsair lighting strips. I want to start by saying the mouse and keyboard work fine.


When I built by PC in July of last year, I got iCUE and everything worked fine, all my lighting profiles, everything. However, now my 4 LED Strips struggle to sync all of the time. Sometimes they work fine, but other times one of the LED Strips isn't the same as the other 4, and even when they are the same, they don't sync with the profile being used on iCUE. They are set up, and the number of strips is configured.


These do work fine some of the time. I haven't yet gone inside the computer to unplug anything or plug anything back in, and I really don't want to. I wanted to come here to seek a solution before messing with anything internally.


Thanks for your help!

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