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ICUE Software causing weird lighting.


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Just some background. I have had my corsair lighting going for roughly a year and all has been fine until I updated the software recently. Weird lighting effects such as individual LED in my LL120 fans will randomly turn off or change colour. This being a single LED and not the entire fan. This even occurs whilst having instant lighting enables but doesn't happen all the time. This has also been occurring with other Corsair products such as my h100i and my RAM.


Things I have tried to solve the problem.

- Uninstall ICUE and reinstall the software

- Ensured all ICUE devices are fully up to date

- Re-seating certain cables connecting the fans to the controller


Also, another issue I have encountered is my wireless mouse (IronClaw wireless) needs to pair often to my dongle which came with my mouse. The dongle is within a reasonable distance from the mouse at all times. This also creates the problem in which ICUE thinks this is a second mouse being added to the system. This add a (1) to my setting and battery gauge. Before reinstalling the software, I had about 16 instances of (1).


(Imgur link to better demonstrate my issue.)




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