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Hello guys. I just got a corsair H110i GTX. I was cleaning it but I made a mistake: I attached the heatsink MINI USB cable to the motherboard in the JFP2 plug. When I turned on the computer: the heatsink fans were already at the full power; the Corsair led written on the heatsink didn't turn on and then, the application Corsair Link was unable to read the heatsink on my pc after I re-installed the heatsink.

I tested with application PRIME 95 to verify if the water pump wa good and luckily it worked because I saw that the CPU temperature was on 49°, so it's not broken.

I suppose that the heatsink electronic board is gone. Can you help me please? Do you think can I solve the problem or should I buy a new one? Thank you and sorry for my english

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