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Question about the 465x case and H100i RGB Se cooler


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Hey guys,


Happy to be here. I’ll cut to the chase.


I was just curious if I need the Commander pro or not. I have a 465x white case and bought the AIO Corsair H100i SE cooler. I know the 465x comes with the lightning node in the back but I’m confused if I need the commander pro or not for all of my fans. I plan on adding two white PWM fans along with the cooler and the 3 fans in the case.


Wasn’t sure what to do or if I should buy the commander pro or not. I will be starting this build next week.


Ryzen 3700x

Gigabyte Aorus Elite WiFi

GeForce rtx 2070

Corsair Vengeance RGB pro RAM


Please advise, thank you!

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Typo... I mean I’m adding one or two LL120 RGB fan.


So I’ll have the 465x


The H100i Plat SE cooler


And then 2 extra LL120RGB fans.


I have bought the commander pro on amazon I just don’t know what all I need.


I’m confused by the RGB faq. I’m not that dumb but I just need clarification.


IF anyone can help, thank you.

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