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QL lighting question


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I'm pretty sure I have this sorted, but just wanted to double check with the Powers That Be !!


I have the following lighting and cooling hardware at my disposal:

- 6 shiny new QL120s, bought in 2 x 3-packs,

- so therefore I also have 2 Lighting Node Cores.

- an assortment of other LL and ML fans

- a handful of RGB Hubs

- 1 CoPro and a Lighting Node Pro and the 4 strips from that pack.

- an 8 port powered PWM Fan hub


There's also:

- an XD5 pump res,

- an XC7 CPU block

- an XG7 GPU block


So I'm confident I have the hardware I need !


I know I can't ("shouldn't" = "can't") mix fan types on any given LED channel, be it Core or RGB Hub.


I'm still trying to finalise which fans I want where, but I want to make sure I understand what I can and can't do. So a couple of dumb questions is probably the best way to ask:


I'm imagining at this point that the 2 LED channels from the CoPro will be 1 for the XD5/XC7/XG7 string (don't really have a choice here), and the second for the LED strips - if I decide to use them.


Could I connect the QLs to an RGB Hub instead of the Core?

I don't know why I would even want to do that, as I don't have an LED channel left, unless I forgo the Lighting Strips, but even if I did - why would I want to bring a Hub into play when I don't need to?


I assume I can put the LLs on the 2nd LN Core if I wanted to?


I hope that's not too confusing - I'm just going through options in my mind. Sometimes my mind thinks too much - especially after that second Gin !!


I've just spun up the QLs for the first test and they look really spec. I'm glad I waited until I could get them.

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With the QL, you definitely won't want to mix other fans types in. With the 35 LEDs and two sides, its difficult to get anything other than a solid color uniform across mixed types. It's not like the more mathematically friendly 4/12/16 LED counts on the other fans. However, that doesn't seem like it will an issue. 6 QL will take one RGB channel, regardless of device, so you'll need something else for more QL/LL or any other fan type.


What you've laid out makes sense to me. The Core is just barely larger than the RGB Lighting Hub, so it is likely easier to use that than RGB Hub + Controller. Also, since 6 QL will consume an entire LNP (no 2nd RGB channel with QL in Ch 1), there isn't much reason to use the LNP with QL fans unless that's all the hardware you have. One alternative option would be to run the QL + whatever from the Commander 2 channels, then use the LNP for Hydro X + strips. I can't really think of a reason to do this, unless USB 2 ports are at premium and this somehow saves you one. You do have the two passthroughs on the Commander and the Core should plug in there just fine. I ran the QL outside the box off a Core jacked into my old system with about 10 different devices going on. No issues with it and I considered using it in the new build. However, I ultimately managed to get myself down to 2 RGB channels and only needed the Commander. Of note, the QL is a different fan type and it will not inherit your existing lighting for LL/ML/HD whatever. You will need to set up your profile lighting specifically for the QL and with 35 LEDs it does drastically alter the programming of custom effects that might have previously been at 8 LEDs per second or something similar.

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Thanks c-attack, what you said makes sense.


I forgot to mention that I also have one of those NZXT internal USB hub thingys so I should be covered for USB ports as well, but at this sage I *think* just the 2 on the CoPro should be OK. This build started out with a more elaborate design, but has got simpler as I've refined it - hence the extra boxes of fans as I've changed my mind !


At this stage I'm thinking I will probably just stick with the 6 x QLs and that will be it from a fan point of view. I don't think I need any more from a cooling perspective, but won't really know until I plumb it all together and check out the temps. I can put a second rad in if required, but I'm going to wait to see if I need it first. As this is my first custom loop I want to keep it relatively simple !


Thanks again.

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I have currently got 9 QL fans, CPU, GPU & pump res connected in my 680x and it works a treat.

I have 5 fans on one hub, 4 fans on another hub- both connected by USB to Com Pro. I then have the gpu to cpu to pump/res daisychained, connected to hub, then connected to RGB1 on Com Pro, leaving me further RGB lane to add future strips if needed.

There is a lot of wiring but with a bit of time and patience it can be done tidily enough!

Will try to add pictures later as I have also removed the glass front panel from the case and getting massive reductions in heat which is good. Have ordered a piece of tempered glass that I can add or remove when needed

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Nice knacker, sounds good.


I am really trying to keep the number of devices down to a minimum because the magnitude of the cable tidying job I have ahead of me is quite intimidating. Particularly as my case is a very open one, I have very few places to hide cables so I need to be really paranoid.


Luckily, that's my middle name :-)


I see a visit to PirateDog's website for some cable extensions that I can then wrap tidily is in my immediate future :-)

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