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Corsair Glaive RGB Pro: Massive mouse lag/input lag when iCUE is running


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Hello everyone,


unfortunately I'm currently going insane with my Corsair products.


When iCUE (v3.27.68) is not installed or started my Corsair Glaive RGB Pro runs extremely responsively. No noticeable mouse lag/input lag, neither in Windows nor in games. As soon as iCUE is started a strong negative change is immediately noticeable: The mouse shows a massive latency, becomes very spongy and much slower and sluggish in movement.


Fact: Exactly the same profile runs on the mouse - no matter if iCUE is running or not. NOTHING else was changed. As soon as iCUE is turned off again, the responsiveness is back and everything runs great (beside of being able to control RGB).


Side note: I imagine noticing the same behaviour with my Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile RAPIDFIRE when iCUE is running.


Connected devices

Mouse: Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile RAPIDFIRE

AiO: Corsair Hydro Series™ H115i RGB PLATINUM

Fan(s): 5 x Corsair ML140 PRO RGB LED

"Hub": Corsair Lighting Node PRO


I ask for your help because without iCUE my hardware and RGB effects are not fully usable.


Thank you very much.

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I tried every setting possible to set. It’s a non fixable issue which is software based. Without iCUE installed I enjoy the best running system ever - downside is the missing control over my 10 Corsair RGB devices (which sucks if you invested extra money in the first place).
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