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Hydro h100i Platinum RGB not working right


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I bought and installed a Corsair h100i Platinum dual fan+rad cooling system. The tower I had was not big enough to fit the entire unit inside the case but I was able to get it installed and working including the RGB on the cooling head and both fans. Everything worked on it but I was still planning on getting a new bigger case.


Yesterday I bought the new case (listed in system specs) and installed everything including the h100i. When I turned on the computer, the cooling head had the Spiral Rainbow RGB, but both fans are only showing a very bright white color. I installed iCue and tried to make changes, but the iCue shows the fans are Spiral Rainbow but regardless of what I change it to, the fans stay the very bright white. I do see a VERY faint green and blue above the white LED but you have to look very closely directly into the LED to see it. I’ve tried swapping the RGB hub connections to make sure the fans were in the right order. The LED would go out when RGB hub cable disconnected, but despite swapping the order, the white light still remains and won’t change. USB, fans, etc have been quadruple checked and are plugged in. The fans spin and read the correct RPM and RPM changes on iCue, I just can’t get the RGB to work on the fans again. I’d really like to get this fixed since this product is less than a week old and worked properly before case swap.

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