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Dark Core RGB Performance Wireless No RGB


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I just purchased a Corsair Dark Core RGB Performance wired/wireless mouse.

Upgraded iCUE to 3.27.68 and upgraded firmware to 3.36

somewhere between the iCUE software upgrade and the firmware upgrade I lost the RGB.


1, When plugged in via USB cable and turned off, if I move the on/off switch to ON the bottom led icon of the 3 on the front upper left turns Blue for a few seconds then turns off. ICUE detects muse when ON.


2. if I switch to OFF, ALL 3 of these led icons come on as solid green .

iCUE status goes to NOT Detected when off


3, both cases no rgb.

4, I have assigned the default profile to slot 1.





Went to the local BestBuy where I had purchased it online and exchanged it for a dark core rgb pro, upgraded the firmware and it works great.......



I might add the mouse is recognized by Win 10 1909 and you can here the USB disconnect chime when you connect to disconnect it. IF it is ON.


And the mouse buttons and scroll seems to work.


Any troubleshooting suggestions or recommendations on how to proceed?



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solved issue
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What happens if you disable USB Selective Suspend in the Advanced Power Settings? Also, have you tried connecting the dongle to a different port on the back of the motherboard? This sounds like when the mouse goes into sleep mode and comes out of it, the USB port is reinitializing the device.
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