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Does the H150i radiator fits the top fans section of the 780T case ?


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Hi, guys! ;):


It's been a while since I've been here! About four years... But here I am at the beginning of this year, I've built the ultimate PC that all my computer engineer ends up having and (of course) I've stuffed it with Corsair ! :biggrin:


My question is entirely in the title: my case is a Corsair 780T, I'm thinking about mounting a Corsair H150i watercooling system (pro or pro XT) on top and in pull mode, will I be able to place the radiator in the upper part of the case without being hindered to pass the cooling hoses? :roll:


My objective by mounting it on top is to regain access to the top 5,25" bay

Thanks per advance for your answers ! :sunglasse


Here's my configuration:


- Intel Core i9-9900K CPU overclocked at 5,1 Ghz on all cores

- Asus Strix Z390-E motherboard

- Corsair RGB PRO DDR4 2x8 GB 3600Mhz RAM/memory

- Corsair Hydro H115i (1st version) top mounted

- Asus Dual OC Nvidia RTX 2080

- Intel Optane M10 32GB

- Corsair AX760i power supply

- LG Bluray disc reader/writer

- a few drives... 5 actually

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I believe you need to sacrifice the top optical/5.25 drive bays. Let's figure out if something is wrong with the current cooler and then decide what options are available. A H150i 360mm would be a slight upgrade over a 280mm cooler, although frankly I would take a lot of things over the GTX/v2 series coolers.
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OK, here are some other threads. This should be completely viable.






This one is a custom loop, but has good photos. The issue is getting the hoses back down. Turned toward the rear, you get into rear fan collision issues, but I have done this with the H115i Pro and the hoses are flexible. The more traditional option is hoses toward the front, snaking out of the 5.25" bay.



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Okay thanks for your answers and links !

What did you mean by "frankly I would take a lot of things over the GTX/v2 series coolers." ?


Let's talk about your first links pictures, the guy made a push/pull with a Corsair H150i 360mm watercooling right ?




So he has, from top to bottom :

- 3 pulling fans on his Corsair 780T case top section

- the 360mm radiator

- 3 pushing fans fixed on his radiator

Right ?


So, actually I'm not sure about continuing with a pull watercooling or upgrading with push/pull. But here my question was, in case of a push configuration, as the radiator is the same thickness as the fans, could I put the Corsair H150i radiator on the top section of my case and fix the fans inside the case (on the other side of the case mounting plate) ?


Because, if that passes, and the cooling hoses that come out at the end of the radiator manage to pass inside the case to the CPU, then I gain the thickness of a fan, inside, and that's enough to free the first 5.25" slot of the case ! :)

You see ?


If you can't see, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll draw you an awful picture :P

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I suspect I have said that more than one time. Same previously discussed frustration with that specific generation of coolers. The ones before and after were all better. Too many reliability issues on your H115i (v2).


Whether you do push or pull on the radiator is not going to have much impact on end performance. Difference are usually in tenths of a degree and under the normal variability threshold. Where it can have a difference is in sound or tone. Putting the fans in between the top of the case and radiator is likely to be noisier compared to underneath the radiator (fan blowing in either direction). This is strictly about the blade passing close to two surfaces (radiator fins and case) vs one. If you case is below the desk of the top at ear level or lower, my preference would be to put the fans below the radiator. This should muffle their sound projection through the top. Top case material and design matters for this as well. Some case punish your for the incorrect choice. Others are hardly affected. I have no first hand experience with the 780T, but i remember it as ventilated holes so probably decent either way.


Putting the radiator above the fans will move the insertion point up 25mm and likely make the getting out of the end bay easier.


I don't see any reason to go push pull for this. At 525W, I can see a 2C difference by adding a second set of fans to a 360mm. At most you are half that load. So lets me simple and say 1C. I don't see that as worth it unless you are trying to compensate for a weak fan choice (the ML120 is not weak) or have some other airflow issue to address. As top exhaust, I can't see the need. Save the $75 in fans and the increased difficulty in set-up.

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Hum okay ! Sorry I didn't understand the expression "put a lot of things over"


Okay so, no push/pull but I got an RTX 2080 you know ? Sometimes I hit about 350W if I remember :) but no need, even for 2°C


For the question of the radiator placement, I'm not sure it's clear... When you're talking about "the end bay" you mean the bottom 5,25" bay ? If yes, my idea was to free up the top 5,25" bay and run the cooling hoses through the back of the case, in front of the rear fan, as shown in this picture: https://imgur.com/a/ciem6Tm

but with the radiator 25mm higher ;)

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