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XD5 RGB Not Working


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Ok Peeps .I built my system a few months back and had trouble getting the RGB to work on the XD5 ...............checked and re-checked the wiring which in my mind is correct then got bored and decided to leave it .


So now I have run out of chores my wife has set during lock down the RGB thing is staring to pi$$ me off again :sigh!:


This morning decided to re-look at the wiring and again all is good loaded ICue and looked at a few vids and yes it is correct so the problem must be with I Cue :[pouts:


This is what I have set


Temp Probe in temp 1 and if I play about I can ramp up pump speed so that works .


Lighting channel 1 Hydro X 1XD5 1CPU


Lighting channel 2 LL RBGfans 6 Connected


You can add what style you wish to the Hydro stuff but it does not light the equip.


All 6 fans function correctly regarding speed and RGB


All the above is run via a Commander Pro and a Fan Hub


Any ideas guys ?

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