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EQ Preset Export Option (save profile)


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The default EQ profiles in iCUE are okay but not optimal for everyone or every headset. There is a Copy option for presets but it only works for the profile you are in, you can't export that copied preset into another lighting profile. Having to set a custom audio preset for every lighting profile I have is cumbersome and there should be an option to import/export those just like we can for lighting.


Please include the option to export/import EQ presets so we can create our own and import into our various lighting profiles. :headbang:

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Very tedious. I just updated to icue 4 (4.11.274), and while the new visual interface is nice, this setting is still missing. I would hope this would be updated soon since it seems like such a simple inclusion. Especially since the feature is supported for lighting settings by using the saved library feature.


That being said, you can copy the exact EQ preset settings between the profiles by opening the profile files in a text editor, and copying over the 10 frequency settings under the stages tag for that EQ configuration. I say exact since the EQ slider value is represented by numerical values with 16 decimal places - trying to manually copy a configuration by hand is nearly impossible.


The process to copy configurations between profile files:

First I would name the custom EQ preset something easy to search for. I named mine "Favorite" since I liked the EQ settings and I found corsair doesn't use this anywhere else in the cue profile files. With this unique name I can use "Ctrl+F" to search a text file for this name. Create a new EQ in the profiles you want to copy your "Favorite" profile to and name them the same thing (not necessary but it makes finding and replacing the settings easier).


Please make backups of the profile or the profiles folder before you make the following changes (steps given below). I would also recommend shutting icue before making changes to the profile files so that the new settings are properly loaded when you launch it again.


In Windows 10, the icue profile files are located in:


Open start menu and type Run. Next open the app named Run and type in %APPDATA%\Corsair\Cue4\ then hit return.


A window will open. Inside the folder which opens is a child folder called "profiles". This is the folder which contains your user account's profiles. Back this folder up by copying it to your Desktop or someplace else that is easy to find. This will save you if you somehow break your profile - you can copy the backup contents back to this location overwriting the broken profile file to restore the "old configuration".


Before you make changes to the files within the profiles folder, make sure icue is closed first.


Inside the %APPDATA%\Corsair\Cue4\profiles directory there will be a number of ".cueprofiledata" files. The gibberish number strings within the curly brakets are unique identifies for the profiles. Open each profile file in a text editor (right click edit the file) until you find the one which contains the EQ settings you wish to copy. The 5th line of the cueprofiledata file contains the Profile's name in icue if that helps you identify the proper profile.


Next use Ctrl + F to find the EQ settings which you named at the top of this guide - my example I named the EQ settings "Favorite". So I can find the EQ settings by searching the document for the text "Favorite".


Here is the EQ Preset I have in the profile I want to copy to the others:


<stages size="dynamic">













When I created an EQ Preset named Favorite in another profile, this is the EQ Preset values that are set by default.


<stages size="dynamic">













All I would need to do to copy the lines that start with <value0> through <value9> from the first profile (the one with unique EQ values) to the profile where the EQ values are all 0. Afterward save the cueprofile file.


Once you are finished copying the values from the profile where you customized the EQ preset to your liking to the others, verify you have saved each .cueprofile file you have open, and then re-launch icue.


You should find that each EQ preset now have the same slider values and sound the same.

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