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2 problems using iCUE


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Hey guys,


I am new member of the Corsair community.

I really do enjoy the Corsair products. But recently I got into two problems.


1. Problem

My MM800 RGB Polaris sometimes only lights the color RED. When I quit iCUE, then it turns back into his RGB rainbow circle.


2. Problem

I cannot update my ST100 RGB. Everytime I try to update it fails and the ST100 RGB won't be showed on my iCUE Software. When I restart the iCUE Software is everything back to normal.


I tried uninstalling and reinstall. But thore problems still appear.

Do you guys have the same problems? Any solutions?


Best regards

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I've had both of these issues myself.


1. The MM800 issue may be caused by another RGB software overriding it. In my case, it was the Mystic software for my MSI Motherboard that was hijacking my MM800. Turn off the SDK option in iCue settings, and it should resolve it.


2. Just encountered this issue today with the ST100, which is how I found this post. Unfortunately, when I close and re-open iCue, the ST100 still doesn't show up, so I have to completely restart my system. Guess I won't be attempting to update it any time soon. :sigh!:

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Also having issues updating my ST-100 RGB headset stand.

I haven't been able to update it for about 6 months or so now and I haven't been able to find a solution for it.


My VOID PRO RGB Wireless has started to notify me with "Mic off" at random times despite the mic being off all the time, folded up in the "off" position.

I believe this might be related to the ST-100 not updating as the wireless dongle is attached to the top USB port on it.


Could we get any resolution to this issue? It's very frustrating to hear "Mic off" every 15 minutes when playing competitive FPS games as it distracts me and washes away other sounds such as footsteps and shots fired in the game, which thus, decreases my performance in game and gets me killed.


Please, any fix to this?


Best Regards


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