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iCue won't detect RAM


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I recently purchased the Vengeance Light Enhancement Kit, and everything synced up super easy and worked fine. Then I believe iCue updated, and now it wont detect the RAM at all. So the reason I bought the kit was to enhance the lighting, now its worse then it was before I got it.

The lights either freeze on a color, or don't light up at all. BUT if I completely close out of iCue, the default lighting will work on all the sticks. So I don't think its bad product.

I did a ton of research on this issue and do notice this has been brought up, but I could never find a definite answer. I do have an Asus mobo which I know has issues with iCue, but I NEVER had a single issue with this until I bought the light kit a week ago.

If anyone has any ideas or help they could give me, I'd greatly appreciate any and all advice! Thanks everyone!

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