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Is it posibble connect lightning node core on commander pro?


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I have the following


1-Corsair h100i platinum se +2 fans

1-Lightning node core

4 fans rgb ll120


I want to buy commander pro


I have only 2 ports usb internal on my motherboard connected of the following way, (I do not have usb free)


Port usb 1- USB H100i se

Por usb 2-Lightning node core



Is it possible connect ligthning node core to commander pro and working no issue?



i would connect the 6 fans rgb to node core and the power of these 6 fans to commander pro for providing power and control the rpm


And commander pro connected to motherboard usb internal


Besides I would buy kit expansion corsair strips and would connect RGBs directly to commander pro


Kit de expansión RGB LED is more cheaper than Corsair Lighting Node Pro + strips



i would save splitters for supply fans , lightning node pro , hub usb internal, i could control de rpm...



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