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Corsair 570x RGB Logo question


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Hello everyone,


I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. I currently have a corsair 570x mirror black with 4 Sp120 RGB fans installed. They are controlled through my commander pro. I am wanting to replace them with 6 LL120's. My question comes to the RGB logo on the front of the case and the PSU shroud. I would like to retain this feature if possible. I know that the logo acts as if it is a SP fan. Currently I am using both lighting channels on my commander pro (channel 1 for SP 120 fan hub, channel 2 for 4x RGB LED strips). So i cant add another fan hub for only the Corsair logo. I was originally going to use an adapter from ebay, however it specifies that it will not work with SP fans, hence it wont work with the logo on my case.




Is it possible to connect this through the 5 volt rgb header on my motherboard to avoid using another fan hub and lighting node pro? Is there any other way to connect this?


Thank you in advance

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