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Connect lightning node core to commander pro


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Hi everyone,


I have the following


1Corsair h100i platinum se +2 fans

1-Lightning node core

4 fans rgb ll120


I have only 2 ports usb internal on my motherboard connected of the following way, (I do not have usb free)


Port usb 1- USB H100i se

Por usb 2-Lightning node core



i would like to buy commander pro:


Is it possible connect ligthning node core to commander pro?



i would connect the 6 fans rgb to node core and the power of these 6 fans to commander pro.


And commander pro connected to motherboard usb internal 2


Besides I would buy kit expansion corsair strips and would connect RGBs directly to commander pro


Kit de expansión RGB LED is more cheaper than Corsair Lighting Node Pro + strips



i would save splitters for supply fans , lightning node pro , hub usb internal, i could control de rpm...

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Yes, this works. The Commander has two USB 2.0 passthrough ports. You can plug Lighting Node Cores (or any other USB 2 device) into this and they will show in iCUE as a separate device.


The Commander will have two "RGB Lighting Channels". One of these will get the starting connector for the LED strips. If you have the small RGB Lighting Hub that usually comes with LL fans, that can go into the other RGB channel and you would no longer need the Lighting Node Core. It doesn't make a big difference and both work. However, the RGB Lighting hub is slightly smaller than the Core and it will also move the fan lighting to the Commander (instead of the Core), keeping all your lighting on one device.

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