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HS70 stopped working with Windows 1909


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My HS70 stopped working while running fine this morning after the latest Windows 10 update (1909).


I reinstalled all drivers, clean with reboots after each step.


My HS70 is shown as connected in the device manager. I can press the play button to test the sound, the sound bars are moving, but there is no sound coming from the headset at all.


The headset also doesnt play the "connected" sound, when I start it (only the 3 beeps when you turn it on, no "connected, microphon on" sound).


I had troubles with the headset from the very start (also on the last machine) and its really annoying for having it not work from time to time for that money (usually a quick driver reinstall fixed stuff on my old machine, as well as using extra software ......)



Anyone else got this problem or better, a solution?

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