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No way to refund my T2 Road Warrior? 3 Issues


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I got my chair a day or 2 ago and since have had some issues. Issues with the arm rests wobble; the pillows being in bad positions for my body even though I'm within the stated range for this chair; I can't recline the chair without it immediately trying to make me fall out of it and tilt over.


I can't find solutions for these issues other than just taking the pillows away for myself but what is the point of them. I can't RMA the chair by any chance because this isn't considered as defective I'm assuming. But paying this much for key features in this chair that I was looking for and not being able to get a refund for this is absurd to me.


Do I have no options in my arsenal with this chair? There truly needs to be a return label with this chair because I can't take not being able to use three key functions of this chair. It basically is my old office chair with tougher padding and looks nicer and it has 4D armrests.


Please tell me there is something I can do about this.

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