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4 x 512 MB DDR400 in A64 FX55 = 333 MHz???


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Hi guys,


I read in the Xbit (http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/athlon64-venice_3.html) that the new Venice core has corrected a problem in the memory controller, that now it can handle 4 x 512 MB (2 GB) in DDR 400 MHz.


In the article, they say about the old cores like Winchester, Newcastle... but they didn't say about the FX55. I have a friend with an FX55 and he is about to buy another 1 GB kit - 3200XL.


Is that really true? 4 x 512 the memory will work at only 333 MHz, not ever 400 MHz in the FX55? The Venice is the only one that support 4 sticks at 400?


Thanks for any answer.





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