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iCue not detecting Lighting Node Core


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today I installed my newest Corsair producs, 2x QL140 and 1x QL120 to my case. They came with a Lighting Node Core to control their RGB, so I installed the Core, too.


I needed to connect the Core USB cable to my internal USB hub, because my MB USB is occupied. Sadly, connecting it this way, iCue does not detect the Lighting Node Core and I cant control my fan colors now.


I already had this problem with the Lighting Node Pro, but I was able to fix it when I plugged the LiNoPro directly into my MB. This doesnt work for my Core now, because I have no connection left.


The hub works perfectly fine, the H115i Platinum, which is connected to the hub aswell, got detected without a problem. Even Windows 10 detects the Lighting Node Core under "other devices" alongside the H115i and the Lighting Node Pro.


How can I fix that one, though? Is the newest iCue version faulty? Do I need some fancy drivers for the hub?


Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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