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Can't checkout on Corsair's website


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I want to order this board as nowhere else seems to have it.


I can't login under normal checkout and with Amazon pay the checkout button doesn't work. It doesn't even register as a button and nothing shows up when hovering over it.


I tried all three browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) so it can't be that as I don't have problems with any other websites using them.


Has anyone else had this issue?


Wondering where to go to get this board with the Brown switches as it seems to be rare. I don't want to use a third party seller through Amazon, Newegg is more expensive than Corsair, don't want to buy it at Walmart, Fry's Electronics doesn't exist and I'm not familiar with MicroCenter on Corsair's list of retailers.



*edit* Amazon actually had this for normal sale at a good price. I might've been looking at the Cherry Red's before.

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