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Dashboard Issues/Feedback


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I like the dashboard as a central place to monitor my system. However, there are a few things which would make it a lot better if they could be improved.



  1. Duplicate/redundant sensors for ASUS motherboards
    ASUS Prime X570-Pro is showing duplicates for many fans/temps. Would be great if the detection could be improved or at least give the option to permanently remove/rename sensors.
  2. Processor core temperatures for AMD CPU's
    Ryzen 7 3700X just shows package temp. Would be nice if we could get the processor/core temperatures to show up here.
  3. Empty DRAM panel bug
    There is a "ghost" DRAM panel with no title and just has my DRAM timing information. This comes and goes and I'm not sure why.
  4. iCue SPACE position
    Would be cool if there was the ability to move this to another monitor or perhaps choose left/right of the screen.







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