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3.27.68 Borks Profiles


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When I updated ICUE to 3.27.68, the install cumulated in the usual fashion copying my onboard profiles for my K70 RGB MK.2 to ICUE -- only now these profiles don't work and can't be run, viewed or edited in ICUE.


If I close ICUE these same profiles I've saved to the keyboard over a year ago work fine, but if I load ICUE I can't use any of them from either the ONBOARD PROFILES or the main software ICUE PROFILES section where they were copied to from the installation.


I've tried deleing the software profiles, ICUE copies them back and they still don't work. I've also tried reinstalling deleting all saved data on my system to no avail.


I've gone through at least five updates of ICE and have never had this issue previously, I have the profiles I like on board, and wouldn't even use the crummy ICUE software if I didn't need it to control my malfunctioning Corsair AX868i PSU's fan.


Any suggestions?

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