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HS60 Hissing after iCUE installation


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I've got an HS60 and this headphone has many problems, but the one that bothers me the most is the hissing.


I noticed that, when I formatted my computer, the headphone hissing got lower, almost unnoticeable. After installing iCUE the hissing got higher, and oh boy I mean higher.



Is there any way from preventing iCUE from installing any drivers?




In addition, the sound goes trough the microphone. Before that, I had requested an RMA with the shop I bought it (i'm from Brazil), and they changed my headset for another one, but now I'm at the point of requesting a refund.


Not using iCUE for me is a big paing, I have an RGB Corsair Keyboard and without iCUE the lightning effects don't work.

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