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bad ram-would like an RMA

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Ive had the ram for about 3 months (bought from newegg.com and I built my 1st custom pc with no spare parts to test with) and I have experienced a lot of crashing, but I never thought it really was the ram. I ran some kind of memory diagnostic before but everything seemed fine. Today I ran memtest86+ and at about the 30% mark I recieved about 40 errors. I thought the problem was my video card because my games and movies crash the computer. I would see the blue screen sometimes but usually I'd get an automatic restart.


The ram is Corsair Value Select

Model? VS512MB400

Lot: 0449128-0

Thanks for your reply in advance.


Just in case my system specs are:

Athlon Xp 3200


512mb ram(the damaged one)

200gb IDE HD


Radeon 9600

400watt power supply

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