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iCUE randomly changing profiles


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Hi guys,


I'm currently using iCUE 3.27.68 on Win 7 and I've noticed a particular new quirk. Once my machine has booted up and left for a while, the colour profile will change from what I currently have it set on (for this instant, a purple and green combo) to one of the other colour profiles I've got set up (say the rainbow combo)


This'll happen from time to time and I can't seem to see if anyone else is having the same kind of problem.


I've got the following devices plugged in:


K68 RGB Keyboard (though ext USB3 port)

Nightsword RGB Mouse (through ext USB3 port)

MM800 RGB Polaris mousepad (Through ext USB2 port)

3 x LL120 Dual Light Loop fans (through lighting node pro - hooking into internal USB3)


Apart from the usual firmware update problem with the nightsward (different topic) everything is working fine.


Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if anyone knows a fix for it.



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