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Which lighting strips should I buy?


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Hey, everyone!

Apologies if this has been answered already, I did a search through and couldn't find anything that exactly matched my issue.


Building a new computer and I'd like some RGB strips for it. Buying a Lian Li O11 XL, saying that just to give a sense of the size case I'm using.

Currently I'm getting two sets of 3x QL120 fans as well as the Commander Pro to hook it all together for simplicity. I think I can muddle my way through putting all that together when it arrives, but if not...I'll be back here.


My question is which strips do I need to buy? I'm assuming not the starter kit because it looks like those are more for outside-of-case placement to provide ambient lighting. I'm looking at the expansion kit



Is that literally all I need? Will all of that plug into the Commander Pro's second LED channel without an issue? Or do I need to get a different kit that comes with a different box to hook them up to?


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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HI buddy...



The QL fans will come with a Lighting Node Core.. this will control the RGB of your 6 QL fans.


you will be left with 2 RGB Channels on the Commander Pro. you can plug up to 6 Corsair Pro Lighting strips into each of those RGB Channels. so yes the Pro Lighting expansion pack will be all you need


lots more info in the thread below



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Ahh I see, that's different to what I was imagining.

I had in my head it was hooking up the 6 fans to one LED node on the Commander Pro, and then using the other for lighting strips. That's good to know.


Thanks very much for the link, it was very comprehensive and I don't know how I missed it.


BTW are the LS100s designed only as out-of-case ambient lighting, or can they be used in cases as well? I like the difused light look but don't want to buy something not designed for cases or the commander pro.

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I'm so sorry, I forgot to thank you for everything you've done to help me so far.


I have all the stuff now, and I'm 95% of the way there I just have one last question. Can the USB2 cable from the RGB hub go directly into the Commander Pro or does it *need* to be on a USB2 header on the board?


And if both USB2s on my board are taken up with the RGB hub and Commander Pro, am I able to use one of the USB2 headers on the Commander Pro for my front panel USB?

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Okay, you've lost me a bit there.


My setup is currently.

6x QL 120mm fans

I'm waiting on an order of 4x Lighting Pro extensions.


The lighting strips I'll deal with when they arrive, but I assume you just connect them up in a line, then at the end connect that to the lighting node on the commander pro.


The fans however, they use the lighting core, do they not? I'm just using the Lighting Node Core that came with the three pack



That has a SATA cable and a USB cable coming out of it. You're saying I can just hook up that USB cable into the USB header on the Commander Pro, right?


As far as I was aware, the Commander Pro only has fan plugs that don't deal with the RGB. And there's nowhere else for the RGB cables to go but the Lighting Node Core.


Or am I getting confused and the Lighting Node Core doesn't need USB power at all? I'm just not sure what you mean by "run the lighting node core off the commander pro"

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Right, that's what I was asking. The 9-pin header, does it *need* to connect to the motherboard or can I use one of the ones on the Commander Pro.


Maybe I didn't explain it properly in my original question. Yeah looking back I was calling it an RGB Hub instead of its actual product name. That would explain any confusion from what I meant =/

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