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Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6


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Hello everyone


I have had my iCUE for not even a year and I've had no issues with it up until now.


I used my Ironclaw RGB on both Mac OS High Sierra (home) and Windows 10 (work) - the mouse works perfectly with no problems on Windows but it is no longer being recognised in Mac OS High Sierra.


I originally installed iCUE 3.10.125 with no problems whatsoever, I then updated the software to iCUE 3.25.60 and that is where every thing started to go wrong.


iCUE 3.25.60 is not compatible with Mac OS High Sierra 10.12.6 (that was not clear in the software update originally).


I have uninstalled/installed iCUE, reset the mouse, used CCleaner multiples and have updated my mouse dongle via Windows 10.


I have contacted Corsair support, they have suggested everything above but nothing has worked thus far.


I have iCUE log files that show that the Ironclaw is recognised but the status is empty, there are missing files and the device detector is disabled.


Can someone please help me?





I have resolved this issue myself

iCUE logs.zip




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