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I had a K63 wireless keyboard that failed like a few others after a firmware update. Went through support and was sent files to attempt to recover but this failed.


The failed keyboard was replaced however the replacement failed again after firmware update.


This was replaced again however with a different keyboard, so far so good but the replacement is not a K63 and therefore does not fit the lapboard I have.


I game from a sofa as we dont have space for a desk, I've been holding off getting another K63 as seeing a few users having similar issues with firmware bricking the keyboard.


I did notice the K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard looks near identical to the K63 just not wireless. Does anyone know if this will fit into the lapboard?


Or do Corsair have any plans for a new revision of the K63 Wireless that will work with the lapboard?

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