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Water spill damage, please help


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Hey guys, I spilt a whole cup of water on my K95 RGB platinum. The water spilt primarily over the number key area. I turned it upside down (vertically, with number key area closest to the desk) so gravity would drain any water out real fast. But stupidly, I didn't unplug it immediately. I've disassembled it (aware it voids warranty but there's no warranty for this anyway). There was some small amount of water on the PCB. Dried it and waited 24 hours, plugged it in.


Most keys that you use for typing do work, but a few don't.


Here's an example of what it can type:


123456780-= (9 key doesn't work in top row)

Qwertyuip[] (o key doesn't work 2nd row)

ASDFGHJK;' (l keydoesn't work in 3rd row)

ZXCVBNM./ (, key doesnt work in 4th row)



It seems there is a pattern, all the dead keys are almost in a line down my keyboard in each row.


Wondering if this keyboard is dead? How do I tell if the PCB is screwed?


Any information is greatly appreciated.


Thanks all.

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