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iCue preventing mic from muting


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Has anyone else experienced this issue with a Corsair headset? I used to have the Void Pro and thought it was a problem with the headset itself so I replaced it with the Virtuoso and much to my disappointment, experienced the same problem. It wasn't until I did some troubleshooting of my own that I discovered it's actually the iCUE program that's preventing the mic from muting, as when I close it out of the system icon tray, the mic mute functionality works perfectly fine. The catch is, it seems to be something specific to my desktop PC as when I install iCUE on my laptop and test my mic out there, the mute functionality also works just fine even with iCUE running in the background. But I need iCUE on my desktop because it controls all the lighting I have in my PC and peripherals. Does anyone know of a setting in Windows that might be preventing iCUE from allowing my mic to mute? The red light at the end of the boom arm on my Virtuoso headset still turns red when I press the mute button, but everyone can still hear me unfortunately. And yes, I have triple checked that I am running the latest version of iCUE and have the latest firmware installed on both the headset and dongle.
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