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Batteries dying very quickly


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My corsair void pro wireless has been dying very quickly for about two years now (even in warranty period). I wish I would have dealt with the RMA during the warranty period, but I thought at the time that I just wasn't leaving them plugged in for long enough. I guess long story short is there a way that I can get the RMA extended? If not, does Corsair sell replacement batteries so I can replace them in my headset? It kinda defeats the purpose of a wireless headset when you are constantly tied to a wire. At this point I am just trying to avoid buying a new headset.


Honestly my experience with corsair quality control (and rma process) has been pretty bad. Every build that I have built that contains Corsair parts or uses Corsair peripherals has been nightmarish. Here is a list of some of the problems that I have had. My first water cooler arrived gunked up and had to deal with 2 months of customer support to get the issue fixed. My headset worked for a year just fine with about 12 hours of battery life, then suddenly dropped down to 3 hours tops. now it can't hold a charge for longer than 30 minutes and needs to constantly be plugged in (same exact thing happened to my brother with the exact same headset). My brother bought a Corsair keyboard (a like $200-$300 one too) and several of the keys didn't work (he also had to deal with bad customer support). One of my friends bought a Corsair case and it arrived with a bad fan. Another friend bought a Corsair water cooler and it arrived without the screw holes pre drilled in the radiator (queue 1 hour of hand screwing it by hand because we didn't have a screwdriver gun). Hopefully their quality control gets better sooner rather than later, but as for me I think this might be my last time buying Corsair.

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