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New Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

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No 1/3 or 2/3? It's brand new, so I am not sure if it is software glitch or not. I can't think of any reason to exclude the lower brightness levels.


You can try a installation repair (Windows Apps list, left click Corsair iCUE, follow prompts for Modify). That will not alter any of your current settings, but sometimes cleans up weird UI glitches like that. I will try and verify the status.

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I found a way to manually lower the overall brightness. In Windows 10, find the file config.cuecfg under C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE\. Exit the iCUE software and then edit that file and find:

<map name="Devices">

<map name="DARK CORE PRO">

Two lines below that is:

<value name="BrightnessLevel">100</value>

Change the 100 to something like 50 to lower the overall brightness range of the mouse.


To modify the brightness of individual profiles see: The Corsair User Forums > Corsair Product Discussion > Keyboards and Mice > Dark Core RGB, brightness adjustment


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