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Could somebody please tell me what cables go where? Am I right in thinking I only need 3 Cables..PC1E to my GPU, EPS/CPU to my CPU and the ATX to the Motherboard (24Pin) plus obviously the power lead, the fact you get 12 cables in the box..is irrelevant?, Also a guide to which end goes where would be very helpful..I only have: 1 x CPU 1 x GPU

Any advice would be gratefully received, the instruction book is utterly useless!!..this is my first build needless to say, everything was going well until the power supply cabling

Kindest regards


I should mention I have a Corsair RM850X

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Forgot to mention what Power Supply I have
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You are pretty much spot on with your "guesses". Your GPU *may* have 2 connectors on it. The other cables in the box are primarily for other accessories and will be mostly SATA and a couple of Molex. It looks like you have 1 Seagate Hard drive which will need a SATA power cable as well as the data cable from the motherboard. I think your Samsung drive is an NVMe stick so that will get power from the motherboard.


With all the RGB goodness going on these days there can be a need for several SATA power cables as well as Molex if there's a pump involved. Some motherboards need 2 EPS cables as well. So most PSUs pack a lot of cables in to try to cater for most scenarios.

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