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HS70 PRO wireless hissing

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Hello there,


I got the HS70 PRO wireless headset 2 days ago as a gift .When i went home and used them, powered on and i was keep hearing a noise .Like someone is blowing wind in my ear.I think it's called hissing but not quite sure.I tried unistalling the corsair software but nothing happed.The problem keeps going.

It's not annoying when i play music or a game.But if nothing else is playing in the background then it's really really annoying and it gives me headache.

Is it a faulty item or there is a way to solve this?


Thanx in advance

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My fix is a dumb one, but hopefully it'll work for you too:


I found my headphones SUPER loud when I first tried them, so I was turning all my applications (Spotify, etc.) down much lower than I usually would to compensate. What I realized is that the volume dial on the headphones themselves was cranked to its highest setting. When I turned that manual dial down to a level where all my apps were at their usual volumes, the hissing also went away. Hope that works!

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Rattle,


You can try a soft reset,


Many similar issues on our HS70 can be solved by doing a Soft-Reset. This will disconnect the battery from the headset, and then reconnect it. All you need to do is:

1.Make sure your HS70 is powered off.

2.Hold the Mute button on the HS70 headset down for about 15-20 seconds

3.After holding the Mute button wait 15 seconds and then hold the Power button until the HS70 turns on.


make sure the setting is disabled:


Open Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound.

Click Power Options.

Click Change plan settings next to your current selected power plan.

Click Change advanced power settings.

Click the + button next to USB settings.

Click the + button next to USB selective suspend setting.

Click the setting and select Disabled.


Then try testing the headset. If it is still having issues, please contact us again for further troubleshooting.


Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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I created an account just to comment on this post so it hopefully helps others. Surprised Corsair support doesn't know this. I connected my new HS70 Pro to my computer without installing the microphone and installed the iCue software so I can utilize the 7.1 sound. I also experienced the loud hissing. After reading these posts- which didn't fix it, I went into iCue to play around with settings. I found that turning off Sidetone (click microphone icon below the slider) eliminated the hissing. Not sure what happens when using the mic, but it works when not using it.




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