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First time going for an RGB build, can you tell which fans are these?


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I'm starting to upgrade my PC and I never really cared for RGB until I saw he Corsair 275R Airflow video displaying Corsair's RGB fans in action.


Basically what I want to build is exactly what is shown there. Here's the picture.


I have a few questions:


I'm looking for fans that certainly can be set with than blueish tone. Also I'd like to know if I can get away with the manual controller or do I need the Commander Pro?


I'm going most likely for 6x 120mm coolers as the one in the picture and figuring out which fan will tell me which kits I need to get. One very noob question is: what do I need to look for in my motherboard to make sure I can run 6 case fans? It seems obvious that it needs 6 fan connections but is that common? My motherboard is old and I'm not upgrading it right now. Is there anything that can expand a motherboard's fan connections?


I've seen some videos and it seems to me that the HD ones are too bright. Can brightness be adjusted through iCue software if I'm using a proper controller?


Is there such thing as a fan model being better for the front part and other for the top?


Thanks for helping.

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Those are LL fans in the 120mm size.




The LL fans are software control only and there is no manual controller. Also, the 275 Airflow does not come with any RGB fans or controllers, so you will be starting from scratch.


Take a look at the guide below. There is a lot to know. You are going to need at least 1 controller and those are most effectively acquired by buying at least 1 multi-pack (3x120). That will have the hardware needed to control the lighting on up to 6 LL fans. The remaining three can be bought as singles or the triple pack based on available price.


The Commander Pro is a lighting controller and a fan speed controller. All Corsair RGB fans have 2 wires - one for motor power and one for lighting power. If you want software control over fan speed, you need the Commander Pro. Otherwise, they hook into the MB fan headers like any other PWM fan.



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