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Advice: I will buy all the things if Corsair is the right solution...


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This question is about an ARGB ecosystem:


I'm in the middle of acquiring parts for my first liquid-cooled PC build. It's more of an art project than a pure-performance gaming rig, though I will game on it until the next project.


Since it's my first liquid build, I went with the EKWB/Lian Li Microcenter kit which includes a front distro-plate for the 011D, and all the tubes pre-bent. That somewhat forced me into my motherboard since I didn't want to learn to bend pipe this time around.


Components so far:

Asus z390 Strix-e

i7 9700k

Trident Z 4x8gb

Lian Li 011D

EKWB "kit" (distro plate, pipes, CPU water block, GPU water block, fittings, radiator, Vardar 120 ERs for the radiator.)


I want to install more fans than the kit, obviously, and I want those fans to provide a lot of the styling. I'm trying to figure out what ARGB fans to go with, and having a hard time with the limitations of one ARGB 5V header on that MB. I like the Corsair 1120s, though I also have questions about the facing since some will have to flip over I think (exhaust.)


If Corsair can do what I want to do, I will buy all the fans and commanders I need to.


So I want 9 fans, all 120mm, configured as 3 side intake, 3 radiator push, 2 bottom intake (limited by the distro-plate's pump) and 1 high back plate exhaust. I want ARGB fans so that I can run dual colors and fades in a primarily static pattern. I see that the commander can only run 6 fans, maybe more with splitters, but that you can run more than one commander? It doesn't look like it uses the MB 5V/12V RGB headers either, is that correct?


If that configuration of 9 1120s or a combination of 1120s and QL120's works with one or two commanders, how will iCue play with Aura and the EKWB standard RGB stuff, not to mention the Trident Z memory lighting options?


The ecosystem and it's ability to both self-regulate fan speed and sync for matching patterns across these somewhat disparate components is important enough that I would spend more on fans than a processor lol.


Also if I use QL120s for the radiator fans (ie replacing those Vardar 120ERs) because I'm mounting them upside down, are they good radiator fans and more aesthetic reversed than 1120s?


Thanks for any advice anyone has!

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Update: Ok so now I'm thinking just all QL120s which would seem to necessitate two commanders it seems...


Usually not. How many QL fans are you talking about here?

You can use both PWM splitters as well as PWM hubs to safely put more fans on a single header. This also makes controlling them easier. It's quite appropriate for radiator fans.

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Thanks for the response Dev. So like I said in the admittedly long-winded explanation, I'm looking for 9 fans for this setup. 3 will be push on the radiator and the other 6 will be mostly intake with one pure exhaust. After seeing there's only a $10 or so difference in going from 1120s to QL120s per 3, it would make more sense to match them all. So in this case, 9 QL120s off of an Asus Z390 strix-e all synced where I can still mess with the EKWB rgb stuff from probably straight header connections, I'm guessing in Aura Sync for the non-Corsair stuff. That probably includes the Trident Z ram too.
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