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H115i RGB Platinum only one fan with RGB


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Hello Folks,


I just bought and install my new cooling and I face an issue with the RGB on the fans.


The fan connected to the main RGB cable from the pump is working fine the second one, on the second RGB connection is not working, I'm not able to have the RGB led on.


If I inverted the fan, the second one is working but not the 1st one.


Did someone already face the issue ?


Thanks for your help.



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Just for info, I played with the cable and at the next reboot, the fan was working and the next reboot, it was not working anymore.


Maybe it's the cabling (bridge between first and second connection) or the controller itself (cooling pump).

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I think your premise is most likely and there is an issue with one of the fans or the RGB lighting wire coming from it. I am not sure I understood exactly -- when you switched the two fans on the lighting connectors, the same fan (#1) does not light up? Or #1 was working and now on #2 it works, but #2 does not work on #1?


I am not sure there is anything we can do on this end. I can't get a good look at the lighting connectors and if they disconnect from the pump housing end, but either way you will need support to send you a new connector or a new cooler -- if the theory is correct. I can't think of any other probably causes aside from what you have already deduced.

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So basically:


cooling pump --> RGB cable port 1 --> Fan 1 --> OK

--> RGB cable port 2 --> Fan 2 --> OK


If I switch:


cooling pump --> RGB cable port 1 --> Fan 2 --> OK

--> RGB cable port 2 --> Fan 1 --> OK


So both fans are working. That's not the problem.


I got at the first boot both fans with RGB working and then the next or several reboots later, only fan on port 1 works.


At a moment I switch again the fan (still the issue) and then at one reboot both fan was working.


Power off/on back with only one fan working.


so not sure it's the cabling as during all the time the pc was on it was working, and only the power off/on of the PC trigger the issue.

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