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HD RBG fans odd behavior with any Light Link color setting


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I have a 1000D case and have been changing around the lighting via iCue using Chassis Lighting to sync all 21 fans. I have noticed that 3 of my fans 2xHD120 and 1xHD140 will stop cycling like the others, say I have Spiral Rainbow selected in Lighting Link all the fans will light correctly and then these 3 will stop cycling. The other 18 fans work as expected but these 3 will stop cycling or I've seen at times where they will just go dark. Also one of the LEDs blinks occasionally. Not sure if this is something anyone has seen or experienced or if it might be motherboard, CoPro, iCue, or fan related causing the issue. Everything is less than a year old so I have options.

I put a couple of links to clips for your viewing pleasure.




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