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Commander pro: specific fans compatibility check & questions


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Hello! I'm going to buy iCue commander pro soon, but still not sure about compatibility with specific fans i have and some specific cases.


Fan list:

1. Noctua NF-A15 PWM (4-pin; 300-1500RPM)

2. Noctua NF-A14 ULN (3-pin; 400-800 RPM; Start 8.3v[600 RPM], can spinning at 6v[400 RPM])

3. Be quite Pure Wings 2 (bq puw2-14025-ls-10);(3-pin; 500-1000RPM; Start 5v [500RPM])

4. Thermalright TR-TY140 (4-pin; ~500-1300RPM)



1. Do these fans above have no issues with RPM control / identifying by CPro?

2. Could i control RPM of 3-pin fans by using a custom curve?

3. Am i right, that custom curves based on CPro thermal sensors for all 6-channels could be saved on a hardware level, so the device will control all fans speeds (3pin, 4pin) without even software installed?

4. Is there some kind of feature that guaranteed launch any of no-pwm fans at PC start which then allow decreasing them to a lower work RPM (from set curve)?


My plan is simple: set an RPM~500 for all Case fans in idle mode, and slightly increasing groups of them depending on air temperature in specific places.


I would appreciate if you helped me clarify these things.

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