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Compatibility Questions for Shuttel SS56L


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Hi there Ram Guy,


I got 1 module CMX512-3200C2:




I have had lots of random problems, like crashes and hangs. No applications will work, as they fail to work (explorer.exe). Installation of OS like W2K and XP is very diffecult, need to reinstall several times. I have tried several different BIOS settings, but with no luck. I also flashed the mainboards bios to the newest version FS56S01Q!

The support list from SHUTTLE for this barebone does include the CMX512-3200 (but not C2!)



SHUTTLE Barebone SS56L with Mainboard FS56 (chipset SiS 661FX)

Intel Celeron socket 478 2.60 GHz 100MHz FSB 26x (no overclocking)

No other components installed (except of Harddisk and Optical drive)


What are the recommended settings for my BIOS? Have I got a bad part?

Please help!

Thanks in advance

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