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iCUE Macro Problems/Help Wanted.


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Good Day,


I am currently using a SCIMITAR PRO RGB wired mouse with 3.21.28 firmware.


I am attempting to program a macro and I seem to be running into a wall.


As I understand it I am unable to re-program left mouse click with a macro while retaining original input value. Is this still accurate?


Due to my assumption above I am attempting to macro one of other mouse buttons. The macro would go as follows if I ever get it set up correct. Click Button, macro will hold down left mouse button, follow a path, at the end of the path will release left mouse button. If Click Button is release ahead of time macro will stop and left mouse button will be released.


I have had varying degrees of success, I have managed to get the initial click and hold to work and follow a path, yet it will not release left mouse button. And for some reason the macro will only work once. Then I can get it to follow a path but not initialize the original mouse click.


As of right now I am very confused as the macro does not seem to be consistant now am I even able to replicate a left mouse click the the key I am binding.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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