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Dominator Platinum Rgb 3200mhz CL16 16x2 Frequency Issue


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HI everyone, wishes for better and health world!..


My new memory kit CMT32GX4M2C3200C16, Dominator RGB 3200Mhz CL16, can't reach 3200mhz with my:


Gigabyte Aorus Elite motherboard and Ryzen 3900x..


I did updated motherboard,

I did try disable XMP Profile and manually timing, and other settings,..

I did try some auto, some manuel settings,..

I achieved 3000mhz with XMP profile but giving extra Dram Multiplier setting with 30x,..

but no further than 30...

After 30x multiplier motherboard disables OC and gives me stock 2133mhz...

I did try some voltage settings less or more...


I also noticed that my motherboard gives extra voltage for auto xmp profile, it's about 1.385v not 1.35v. but I think it's normal thing, motherboards do.



If you guys have any knowledge of this products or anything, please let me know... I am open for any suggestion... thanks...


Keep safe, stay home!..

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Please double check that you used the recommended memory slots by the user manual, usually DIMM A2 & B2.


Gear Down Mode = Enabled can also help with higher memory ratios.



I did, I did very vary things =) and we decided with Corsair Help Desk, that my ram modules are faulty, and my local vendor will changed them, I hope...


Then thanks, stay safe... closed now.

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